A Special thank you to TriHealth for their strong support in caring for our patients!

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We are grateful for the support of our 2018 banquet business Sponsors LIsted Below

Thank you!

Thank you also to the following Foundations and Trusts for their Grants generously awarded to us in 2017.

  • Anonymous Foundation
  • Chemed Foundation
  • David R. Clare and Margaret C. Clare Foundation
  • Covenant Foundation
  • Hatton Foundation
  • Scripps Howard Foundation
  • Robert A. and Marian K. Kennedy Charitable Trust
  • Josephine Schell Russell Charitable Trust, PNC Bank, Trustee
  • Louis & Louise Nippert Charitable Foundation

We greatly appreciate all of the support we receive from Churches, organizations and individual donor whose support is so critical to providing life-changing love and hope to the mothers and babies that we serve.

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