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Support moms in Forest Park with pro-life prenatal care

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When God closes a door, He always opens a window...or a whole new office! It was the summer of 2015 when we regretfully closed our Forest Park office located on Northland Blvd. With some of Hamilton County’s highest rates of both infant mortality and abortion, we knew that the community needed a pro-life prenatal care provider. But, without a ministry partner and affordable rent, we just couldn’t afford to stay.

Praying for an opportunity to return, we opted to store our exam tables and furniture rather than sell them so that we would be ready to reopen as soon as possible. That opportunity came through Elizabeth’s New Life Center (ENLC) – one of Healthy Beginnings’ pregnancy center partners. Aware of the abortion crisis in Forest Park, ENLC Executive Director, Vivian Koob envisioned a pro-life women’s center in the neighborhood where expectant moms could receive life-affirming pregnancy guidance, help with baby items and parenting education, as well as prenatal medical care all under one roof.

“Mission-driven collaborations are such an effective way for the pro-life movement to maximize resources,” says Koob. “Partnering with Healthy Beginnings made it practical and affordable for us to open a Women’s Center that can provide truly exceptional, comprehensive pregnancy services.”

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we are now open!

The new Women’s Center is located in the Forest Park Square shopping center at the intersection of Kemper Rd. and Winton Rd. across from Winton Woods High School. Women are now receiving pro-life prenatal care and life-affirming pregnancy services from both ENLC and Healthy Beginnings in the beautiful new suite.

We still need your help!

Forest Park

$50,000 - 6 months of Healthy Beginnings operating costs while we build our patient count*
$4,000 - Move-in costs

$54,000 campaign total

All gifts are greatly appreciated! Donors contributing $250 or more to this campaign will have their names displayed in our new Forest Park office.

*Funds designated for this campaign will be used only for Forest Park operating expenses and may be used outside of the initial 6 month time range.