“Wow. I’ve had other children and never got to see them like this.”
— Healthy Beginnings Patient

What is 4d ultrasound?

4D ultrasound is cutting edge medical technology that not only creates clear, high definition, 3-dimensional images of the baby in the womb, but also creates live video of the baby's movements.

when will i get my ultrasound?

As a Healthy Beginnings patient, you will receive a "dating" ultrasound early on in your care to see how far along you are in your pregnancy. Around your 5 month mark/ 20 weeks, you will receive an "anatomy scan" ultrasound to check your baby's health. This is also when you may be able to see the gender.

will i get pictures to keep?

Yes! You will receive printed black and white photos at your visit, and will also get digital images and video clips sent to you through our Trice image sharing technology.

how does trice image sharing work?

Trice software gives us the ability to send you high definition images and video clips of your baby’s ultrasound to your smart phone!

  • You will receive a link during your ultrasound to either your email or cell phone (as a text message). You choose your preference.
  • Please read all instructions on how to obtain your ultrasound images.
  • It is very easy to upload the images to Facebook or Twitter with the provided link at the top of the message.
  • As stated in the message, the images will drop off out of sight in 30 days.  We recommend you save the images to your phones and upload them to a public sharing site so you have them forever. (Facebook and Twitter are currently linked with Trice so the sharing is just a button click for you!)
  • To save images and video clips to your phone: hold down on the image and you will get a pop up to save image. (Do not click on the download button)
  • Please share your images with Healthy Beginnings on our Facebook page! We love to see and share in the joy of your beautiful babies!