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Are you aware that in Greater Cincinnati 2,300 teenagers become pregnant every year? Twenty-one percent of women will deliver with little or no prenatal care; eleven percent will have premature babies. Seventeen of every one thousand babies will die before they are one year old; that is two and a half times the national rate for infant mortality!

Did you know that in Greater Cincinnati, approximately 5,000 women will choose to abort their unborn babies without knowledge of fetal development and the long term emotional, spiritual, and physical impact that decision will have on their lives?

Did you know that in Greater Cincinnati, thirty-three percent of families with young children are living in poverty and, in many neighborhoods, have very little access to prenatal care? They are often without medical insurance, family support, and hope.

In Greater Cincinnati and nationally, it costs ten times as much to provide medical care for premature babies than for full term babies in the first year of life. Can we, as a society, afford not to provide excellent prenatal care for our mothers and pre-born babies?

Since 1993 Healthy Beginnings has helped thousands of pregnant women in Cincinnati who were without insurance, income, or family support. Healthy Beginnings saves lives, nurtures mothers, gives babies a healthy start, and reduces health care costs. Healthy Beginnings brings hope to expectant women who have so few choices. Read More

If YOU are a woman who thinks you have nowhere to go for quality prenatal care and support... Please Click Here To Find Out How We Can Help.

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